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Creativity of a Different Kind

I’ve been working on something very different recently – find out more by clicking on the image to learn about my project involving one of the world’s favourite crime fiction authors…

A Very British Summer

Some summer art pieces, and a trip to London for the theatre, an ad-hock Hockney exhibition visit, and the RA Summer Exhibition

Day Tripper

I managed to have a few days holiday and even took time out of the studio to visit some places…but I still managed to get some artistic inspiration….

Art and Music: The Perfect Marriage?

After a busy couple of weeks of gigs, I’ve been thinking about how art and music can work together and how brilliantly it was done at one of the gigs I went to…


Back from my holidays, I’ve been trying something new: keeping a journal of sorts. Find out more about it and how it’s helping my art by clicking on the image.

Sunshine and the Sea

A long overdue holiday, where I got to relax, think about art, and visit some places sure to provide inspiration!

Days Out

Some arty things I’ve been doing on my days off and weekends in the North East.

March Abstract Life

As we move towards Spring, a look at what I’ve been working on, and a couple of things I have coming up soon.

The Power of Play

A post on allowing playfulness into your work.

Creative Boost

A New Year and a New Challenge – all about the Art2Life course and why I’m doing it.

Hello 2023!

A quick recap of what I’ve been up to over the holiday break and my plans for the New Year …

Art on the Go

A few ideas for getting your art fix when time is limited…

It’sssss Christmas!

A trip to Edinburgh and some thoughts on buying art for gifts…or just for yourself.

A New Series of Work

A new post detailing what I’ve been working on recently.

Art Workshops

Some thoughts on the art workshop I attended recently and what I think about workshops in general.

Summertime and the Living Is Easy

A slightly overdue post on what I’ve been up to over the last couple of months

Art Commissions

Selling a piece of your art is always such a buzz. But commissions are very different from selling something you have already created. 

Timing is Everything

A project I completed earlier this year.

Well hello 2022!

Getting organised and making plans for the new year…

A Christmas Post

A look back on 2021 – how the year has been for me in terms of art and a few other things! Merry Christmas, everyone.

Feeling a Bit Lost

Between house builds, work and more, things have been a little difficult on the artistic side. Click on the image to find out what’s been happening.

In a Funk

It’s been a little while since my last blog post. Here’s why and what I’ve been up to.

New Work

My sketchbook habit, trusting the process and some kitchen inspiration!

Royal Academy Varnishing Day

A short post about my experience at the Royal Academy for Varnishing Day.

What a Week!!!

I’ve had a couple of good bits of news this week – and some success in the studio!

Bank Holiday Weekend

How the last few weeks have influenced my work over the Bank Holiday weekend

Holiday Over – Normal Service Resumed!

It’s been a busy two weeks including an exciting trip to London and the Royal Academy


Reflections and lessons applied from the CVP course

Studio Update

What I’ve been working on

Graduating CVP

Reflections after my CVP course

Spring Break

Taking a breather and learning from others

A Wave of Optimism

And my obsession with CVP

Brrr – It’s April

Memories of Havana

Creative Visionary Programme

The first few weeks of CVP and an introduction to design and values

The Perfect Medicine

Art making can change your life

Concertina Books and Muted Tones

Inspiration boards and enjoying the process

Learning Something New

A beginner’s take on linocut

100 Days of Creative Play 11-20

Why play is so important in the process of art making

100 Days of Creative Play

Art challenges, getting started and the importance of sharing to keep you going

Out of Boredom Comes Creativity

Art on TV from Grayson to Tony Hart

Mixing Things Up

When you need to try something new to kick start your creative process

January Giveaway

Taking part in the #oneofmanypostcards challenge and sharing your art

New Year, Same Me

My art plan for 2021

Happy New Year

And my 12 days of Christmas art challenge

Happy Christmas

2020 festivities

Enjoying the Process

Reflecting on the year and what I’ve learned

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

From the early stages of play, through to resolving a piece and knowing when to stop

The Wisdom of Others

The value of a community and how feedback makes you stronger

Well That Was Unexpected!

The pros and cons of entering art competitions

Another Online Art Course

Art2Life Spark – a 21 day online course to kick start your art

A First Time for Everything

Trying my hand at making inks

Studio Progress

From sketchbook to painting, how nature is the perfect inspiration

Perfectly Imperfect Take Two

The continuing saga of dealing with lockdown and creating handmade books

Explaining Paintings

A bit about the creative inspiration behind my work

Perfectly Imperfect

‘Perfectly Imperfect: Discovering Your Visual Language’ – a lesson in making handmade brushes, mark making and expressing your self creatively

When Will This End?

Art as a means to coping with lockdown and how to address the issue of creative block

“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”

We all know a single image can convey complex ideas and meanings but how much should an artist try to articulate the meaning of their work?

A New Adventure

The launch of my new website