Spring Break

This week we have a break in CVP and I have to say I feel like I really need it. 

Judging by the comments on social media I haven’t felt as overwhelmed as some of the other participants. All the same, keeping up the pace of tutorials, group & coaching calls and painting practice has been a bit of challenge.  Especially fitting in around a full time job.  In fact I do wonder whether those who are working are sometimes better placed than those who aren’t. I’m a lot more organised and structured painting through the week than weekends when I have more time. What’s the saying? “The less you have to do, the less time you find to do it” or something like that.

Bizarrely, it has made me appreciate the lockdown. Without these weird times we find ourselves living through I’m sure I would have fallen way behind. Partly because of having to split my week between being at home and being in Birmingham. But also its amazing how long the weekend is when you don’t have plans to do things or meet people.

Progress So Far

Still no finished paintings to share but I am making some good progress on my practice boards.   I have a couple of boards I’m happy with so I’ll be putting those to one side, while I focus on the others.

A few really aren’t working for me at the moment. I’m going to take some time to try something new on these ones….

Then I have some that are sitting in the middle. Some may just need a bit of tweaking. Others might need quite a bit of work. But I know where I think I’m going. And some I may hang on to as they are: more as a reference for technique and learning. The treasure hunt one (the one with the cross) fits that brief. I’m not sure I like it, but love that it is showcasing glazing.

Learning from Others

What I have absolutely loved is seeing everyone else’s work.  It’s amazing that we’re all set the same exercises yet the finished paintings are so completely different.  You often see these online courses that are aimed at discovering your visual style. Yet when you look at what people produce, you realise they already have a strong style.  We all do, its just hard to see in our own work. I struggle to reconcile some of my looser paintings and those with more defined shapes, but I’m now starting to see a common thread.

So here’s to a week with some time for reflection and rest!

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