RA Summer Exhibition

I’ve been going to the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy every year for the past 10 years. I love the eclectic mix of pictures especially when the curator hangs works on mass in some of the mixed rooms – always so much more engaging than the tastefully curated rooms showing only RA members work.  If I wanted a traditional exhibition experience I can see … Continue reading RA Summer Exhibition

How Art Can Make You Happy

Ok instead of reviewing an art book this month I opted for another online course.  I received an email from Sketchbook Skool with a voucher code for a free course – How Art Can Make You Happy.  After the Illustration Nation course I was a bit put off Sketchbook Skool courses so thought this might be a good way to restore my confidence with them … Continue reading How Art Can Make You Happy

Favourite Female Artist

As today (8th March) is International Women’s day I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a few of my favourite women artists. Its interesting my top 5 (Schiele, Bacon, Giacommetti, Freud and Lowry – the 5th tends to change from time to time) are all men and I hadn’t really thought about how dominated the market is by men. Jenny Saville – one of … Continue reading Favourite Female Artist