How Art Can Make You Happy

Ok instead of reviewing an art book this month I opted for another online course.  I received an email from Sketchbook Skool with a voucher code for a free course – How Art Can Make You Happy.  After the Illustration Nation course I was a bit put off Sketchbook Skool courses so thought this might be a good way to restore my confidence with them … Continue reading How Art Can Make You Happy

Favourite Female Artist

As today (8th March) is International Women’s day I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a few of my favourite women artists. Its interesting my top 5 (Schiele, Bacon, Giacommetti, Freud and Lowry – the 5th tends to change from time to time) are all men and I hadn’t really thought about how dominated the market is by men. Jenny Saville – one of … Continue reading Favourite Female Artist

Studies of the Mouth Part 1 of 2

So one element on my sketchbook plan was to practice drawing different aspects of the body, especially stuff I’ve struggled with in the past. On the to do for February was the mouth, I thought I’d ease myself into it so left hands and feet for a later month. I thought I’d start by looking at the bones structure so kicked off with a pencil … Continue reading Studies of the Mouth Part 1 of 2