National Doodle Day (22nd September)

According to their website National Doodle Day is “a doodle-tastic annual fundraising event organised by Epilepsy Action.” What better excuse is there for creating some much needed downtime in your schedule that art for charity and the cause has had a whole host of celebrity supporters who have donated their doodles from ceramist and artist Grayson Perry to actor Sir ben Kingsley all of which you can … Continue reading National Doodle Day (22nd September)

Celebrating the Works of Arthur Rackham

As well as being International Talk Like a Pirate Day today is also the birth date of one of my favourite illustrators – the British illustrator Arthur Rackham. I bought my first Rackham print in a little book shop near York Minster and since then have amassed a collection of prints, cards and books which are displayed all over the house. He created visual depictions … Continue reading Celebrating the Works of Arthur Rackham

Sue Stone Textile Artist

One of the highlights of the Festival of Quilts was obviously Diana Harrison work but another was the work of textile artist Sue Stone. The exhibit is entitled “This is Me” and is a series of small portraits each around 27 by 35cm. Mixed media creations using a combination of fabrics, threads, wool, felt and acrylic paint. This is how the artist describes her work…… … Continue reading Sue Stone Textile Artist

Traces in Cloth

One of my favourite exhibits at the Festival of Quilts that I visited last month was the work of artist Diana Harrison – “Traces of Cloth”.  Her creations are all fabric based, combining a multitude of techniques including quilting, dying, shrinking, bleaching, burning and printing. Sadly I have absolutely no idea how she was able to create such haunting pieces but it was a beautiful … Continue reading Traces in Cloth

The Art Of Quentin Blake

Following on from yesterdays post I couldn’t let the day go by without celebrating the work of Dahl’s most famous illustrator Quentin Blake. His quirky, scribbled drawings really bring the stories to life and as a big supporter of the Great Draw – more of that in October, he’s a real inspiration. Check out his official site which showcases his work beyond the Dahl books … Continue reading The Art Of Quentin Blake