In addition to my paintings I love to draw, and keeping a sketchbook is a part of my daily routine.  I use sketchbooks to try out new ideas, plan bigger works, capture drawings of my everyday life and even keep my hand in with illustration work.

Some of the pages in these books are beautiful others are messy scribbles – they all help me to develop my ideas and techniques.

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The Whimsical

I have always had a deep desire to illustrate a book.  I love flicking through children’s books when shopping to see the imaginative creations of very talented creatives so whenever I have time, I love to play around with different characters.


I’m not sure where my love of cameras came from, in everyday life I am much more likely to capture photographs on my phone but there is something beautifully romantic about old cameras and the role they have played in capture memories for future generations.

Passionate Foodie

Who doesn’t love great food?  There is nothing more appetising than a great looking plate of food which makes it perfect for sketching.  And that isn’t just delicious dishes but includes the craftsmanship, and beauty of packaging design – our kitchen cupboards contain an array of iconic designs which reminds me to appreciate the delight in everyday objects.

My Favourite Tipple

Who knew that Gin would make such a come back and so many choices!

Drawing Practice

Hard to beat the enjoyment of a couple of hours, a sketchbook and a pencil!

Drawn to Faces