Meet the Artist

A Breezy Day

I am fascinated with the colours, forms and textures that emerge when you take the time to truly study the world that surrounds you. Through my work I am continually refining my artistic voice by focusing on technique and narrative to depict the unique way I see the landscape, generally in more expressive and abstracted representation.

 I draw and paint as a means of exploring the landscape, observing and using mark making to describe the things I see and feel. 

I paint the landscapes that surround me as the beautiful coastline and countryside of the North East have had such a major influence on me.  Growing up in Northumberland I recently returned to Tyneside and am now fortunate to live on the coast with an amazing view of the sea. 

The variety created by different weather, seasons or even times of the day provides constantly renewed views of familiar scenery.  Muted tones on cloudy, grey days.  Earthy, darker shades seen through rain.  Pops of surprisingly bright colours that flicker in the sunshine and even pastel pinks of brighter orangey red at dusk or sunrise.  Nature’s colour palette is ever changing.

A recent commission

When it comes to the process, I like to paint intuitively with acrylics as they dry quickly and give me more freedom to build up layers.  I use a variety of mark making tools such as charcoal, chalks, graphite and oil pastels and I like to paint and scratch into the surface to reveal underpainting and create texture. Building this process of experimentation into my work helps push my art forward and allows for happy accidents. 

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