Halloween Crafts

I haven’t had as much time this year to indulge in crafts leading up to Halloween so I thought I’d share a reminder of some of my older posts. Last year I created a whole selection of stuff for this spooky occasion including …. A spooky witch house table centre piece, Pumpkin soup, Halloween cards, Paper mache skull , paper skulls,  Halloween gift bags, and a Halloween wreath, Continue reading Halloween Crafts

How to make your own Frankenstein Doll

Little Frankenstein

So with Halloween approaching I thought I’d create a little Frankenstein Rag Tag. It doesn’t take much skill, just a little imagine. All you need to get started are some scraps of material, some filler, needle and thread and ideally access to a sewing machine. You start by creating a pattern and once you’re happy with the basic shapes pin them onto fabric and cut … Continue reading Little Frankenstein