A picture of a home made pencil case

Boho Pencil Case – Sewing Project

A little while ago I was sorting out my art stuff and trying to tidy up the over spill that seems to have crept into every room in the house when I realised just how many different pencil cases I have, in part because I buy too many art supplies (I can’t walk past Cass Art without popping in) but also because pencil cases just … Continue reading Boho Pencil Case – Sewing Project

30th Birthday Card

In December last year one of the girls in my team at work was celebrating her 30th birthday.  She’s always very glamorous so I wanted to make a card that reflected her style.  I had a Christmas card design that I’d bought in London so used this as stimulus and shamelessly copied the idea of glittery little figures playing around with them to fit around … Continue reading 30th Birthday Card

You Will Be Able To Draw By The End of This Book

A note on this blog, worth understanding at this point…

So, as already stated, we’re a married couple working on this blog- one of us is artistic, talented, and does things. The other one of us tags along, and occasionally kicks in with ‘non traditional proper art stuff’- comics, cartoons, movie stuff. Put it this way- one of us would look at this : and say, “That’s Winslow Homer’s ‘The Veteran in a New Field ‘from … Continue reading A note on this blog, worth understanding at this point…

Giant Wire Heart

Picking up the valentine’s theme here’s a great idea for creating an inexpensive piece of art for the garden this giant heart costs about £7 to make. All you need to get started is some garden wire, thin craft wire and some clippers and ideally wire curler/tweezers. You start by forming the basic shape in garden wire – be careful this stuff scratches your hands … Continue reading Giant Wire Heart