Sunshine and the Sea

Having recently returned from a two week vacation it feels like the month of May has passed in the blink of an eye!

We had two fantastic weeks on the beautiful island of Mauritius.  You can definitely see why it’s a honeymooners destination.  Sunshine, clear blue sea, stunning sun rises or sun sets (depending on which side of the island you are on) and so much greenery.  The journey was a bit longer than we thought so whilst I know I’ll feel refreshed in a day or so, currently my brain is feeling the effects of lost sleep.

Two weeks to soak up the sunshine was just what the doctor ordered.  I’m not sure if it is the lack of work distractions or simply being somewhere new. But I really noticed how much more observant I was during the break.  Everything is new and exciting – so much inspiration for painting.  I take art supplies on holiday although I invariably find myself struggling to paint.  There never seems to be a good space for painting – clearly a flaw in hotel design 😊.  And I am so used to having everything I need to hand, I struggle when supplies are limited.  I did create one paint sketch that I like, but the others will no doubt become collage papers.

Instead I filled my photo reel up with loads of images

and took the opportunity to create loads of charcoal sketches of shapes that I saw so hoping to use these as inspiration now I’m home.

When we booked our break in Mauritius I didn’t consider the interruption it would have in my CVP work.  Our holiday started just as we’re supposed to be starting our mini series. So whilst I have kept up with the videos, I am now way behind on the homework front.  I eased my guilt with the knowledge that as well as a ‘fly and flop’ break this was also the perfect way to top up my inspiration.  So whilst we were there we had a few days sightseeing.  It really is a beautiful island, particularly the South.  Waterfalls, multi-coloured earth (due to volcanic creation) and breath-taking vistas.

We also got the opportunity to visit a few temples. One of which was spectacular, if somewhat gaudy. A joyful combination of clashing colours and bizarre imagery.

The delay in CVP was compounded when I was contacted in April by a gallery to ask if I wanted to take part in a Group exhibition.  The answer of course was yes! But I then faced the prospect of working to a deadline – the first time for me art wise!  I had started a new series inspired by the sea which I was hoping to build this year. My aim was to approach a gallery for consideration at the end of the year, so the timing was perfect.  I have now completed five paintings and am hoping they will accept 2-3 of these for the exhibition.


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