Art on the Go

Now that I’m back to bi-monthly commuting for work, my studio time has taken a bit of a hit.  Especially when you combine that with the shorter days in the winter. Winter always makes early morning and evening sessions a bit of a challenge.  So, I have been playing around with ways that I can still get my art fix when not at home.

My Working Week

I generally spend 4-6 nights staying in a hotel near the office. This is split over a couple of weeks each month.  Most of time I use the evenings to catch up on emails and general admin. But recently I can feel that its taken its toll. It makes my time there feel like 96 hour work day so I need something to switch off. 

In the past I’ve taken my sketchbook. But it always feels like a bit of compromise with such limited art materials. Plus sitting in a bland hotel box room isn’t the most inspiring.  Now I think I may have the perfect ‘relatively’ mess free solution.  Grid journaling! Over the past few weeks that and the watching the world cup have just about made the bland hotel room bearable.

An artist friend (thank you Sue) posted some images of grid journaling that she had recently created.  They were beautiful little collage squares. I left a comment to say how much I liked them.  And she responded and told me that she’d just completed a free online course by Kellee Wynne of Colour Crush fame.  So of course I had to check it out.

Grid Journaling

It’s a great little course for a burst of inspiration!  Six online videos where Kellee takes you through her process for grid journals.  She touches on the various art materials she uses.  Talks about mindset and generally just gives a window into her practice.

I was a bit reluctant to start something new.  I’m still working on my ‘Life’s a Carnival’ series and didn’t want to get distracted by a shiny new thing. But it’s a short course so thought I’d give it go.  And I’m so pleased that I did.  Although, inevitably it has become a distraction, albeit a pleasing one.

You won’t get any major new revolutions but it is a great little state break to remind you not to over think.

 I started a new sketchbook that has been sitting on the shelf for a while. And whilst watching TV, filled it with lots of little boxes just calling out for some colour. As instructed I avoided the ruler and exact measurements and instead used various square or rectangular objects lying at hand.

Collage Paper

It is worth taking the time to create some handmade papers. I do like mixing these up with torn magazines, books, wrapping paper, etc. But creating hand painted paper gives you so much more control of the colours so you can get some lovely harmony.

Having completed a few spreads, mixing collage and painted. This is now my warm up exercise each weekend when I have a day in the studio.  I’ve already discovered some beautiful new colour combinations.  And best of all, discovered a great little exercise for evenings in a hotel room!  I switched my gloss medium for some good old fashioned Pritt stick, created a wad of hand-painted collage papers and I can cut, tear and stick to my hearts content. Even on the go!

Why not check it out and give it a try?

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention and yes I agree it’s the perfect Art Fix when time is short or as in your case it’s the perfect accompaniment on your away days. I’m even thinking if trying it on a long haul flight I’ve got coming up!

  2. I also did Kelley’s free Grids course and have found it great for playing with compositional ideas as well as color exploration.

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