Creative Boost for 2023

Back in 2021 I completed CVP (Creative Visionary Program). It was one of those courses I’d looked at for a while but never taken the plunge.  In part, my reluctance was that for an online course it has a higher price tag than most. But the main reason was because of the time commitment.  CVP is an intensive 3 month course, and as someone who has a full time job I wasn’t sure I could give it the focus it needed. 

However, I’m so pleased I signed up because that course has given me so much: from a deeper understanding of my motivations and inspiration, to art techniques that have really moved me forward. But more than anything, confidence as an artist.

If, like me, you work full time – rest assured. The tutorials are watch on demand and the other calls are optional and available on playback. Plus I promise you’ll be so engrossed you’ll make the time!

The programme only runs once a year and I’m delighted to say I’ve taken the leap again.  Last year I watched from the side lines as many artists I follow on Instagram enrolled and I suffered from serious FOMO. But it wasn’t the right timing for me.  Business was just bouncing back from the lockdowns and pandemic and I knew I wouldn’t make the most of it.  But I did promise myself that 2023 I’d enrol again as part of the alumni.

The reason for this blog?  Well its that time of year again.  Art2Life, who run the course, have just announced the dates for their FREE workshops.  These are absolutely free with no commitment so if you’re up for a creative boost or just curious to find out what all the hype is about why not sign up.  You’ll find all the information you need here.

Even if you don’t intend progressing to the paid for course you’ll get so much from these sessions.

Dates you need to know….. It starts on February 13th but registration is open now! 


  • Video 1 (Design) is released on Monday, Feb 13, 6am PST
  • Video 2 (Value) is released on Tuesday, Feb 14, 6am PST
  • Video 3 (Color) is released on Thursday, Feb 16, 6am PST

Hopefully I’ll see some of your work on Instagram or in the private Facebook community!

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