Feeling a Bit Lost

In my last post I said that I was in a bit of funk art wise. Unfortunately, I’m still feeling that way.  I’ve read a few posts from others that paint, all are at pains to reassure you that its completely normal. Apparently everyone goes through phases like this.  But, rationally knowing that, and emotionally feeling it are two very different things. I am feeling more comfortable with it though so I guess that’s a positive.

I don’t know if there is any connection but we do have a lot going on at the moment. So, maybe its just tiredness and a busy mind.

Home Improvements

We’re in the middle of a bit of house renovation which is causing chaos.  We’ve having an extension and knocking two rooms together so currently we only have half a roof on the kitchen and a utility that’s open to the elements.

Home Improvements – well it will eventually be improved!

I didn’t fully realise just how messy the whole thing would be.  The whole house feels like its covered in a film of dust. And having a fridge, kettle, coffee maker and microwave in the living room is just odd!

The project isn’t due to finish until the end of February. It still feels like a long way to go but at least we’ll get to the nicer bits like choosing kitchen units, floors, taps and handles.

Bad Weather

I’m not a fan of the cold but I generally love autumn. It’s the season I was born in so having a birthday is a plus. The autumn skies are amazing, such wonderful colours. And I’m usually one of the first to get the Christmas tree up. 

Autumn Skies

But the drop in temperature came as our walls came down and this weekend’s storm caused havoc up here in the North East.  Trees lying in the road and even trampolines and roofs blocking roads.  Plus the chaos that is our home at the moment means no Christmas decorations this year. 

The only good thing about the storm this weekend was the sea which looked absolutely magnificent.  You would have thought that someone had squeezed a big bottle of fairy liquid into the water. White foam everywhere along with crashing waves.

Behind on Personal Admin

I’m usually fairly organised but recently have been dropping the ball. I forgot to book my car in for its MOT so ended up having to off road it for a week. And last week I missed my COVID booster appointment. It not like me at all. Thankfully I managed to get another booked for this week. So, having had my flu jab in November I should be all up to date way before Christmas.

I also eventually got around to sorting out invoices and payments for some of the paintings I have sold recently. Hopefully that will be a nice bank balance boost ahead of Christmas.

Busy, Busy, Busy

Work is also extremely busy and I’ve started commuting back and forth to Birmingham. We lost a lot of people during lockdown and haven’t yet managed to get all of recruitment done so we’re all very stretched.  And this week we have had a few people test positive for COVID which hasn’t helped.

I think all of this, combined with the long hours over lockdown are taking a toll. I’m definitely on count down to Christmas in terms of needing a break. My energy levels need to be recharged.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Bizarrely whilst I’m in a bit of a slump I do have quite a lot of interest in my work. I even have two commissions I’m working on.  So, I’m trying to keep up the creative habit and playing around with paint sketches in my sketchbook.  I’m trying to accept that it is mindset. I feel like the marks I’m making are ugly and colours uninspired but know that this will pass.  Maybe a few days off will help. 

The one thing I’ve really enjoyed is creating some collages and restocking my collage papers.  I’ve spent several hours with my gelli plate and stencils and have a load of interesting papers. One of my Insta buddies suggested a series of abstract collages of board games so I’m working on that at the moment. Sue creates some gorgeous collage piece – its worth checking out her site or instagram feed.

I started with my interpretation of noughts and crosses


And also created a version of a checkers/draughts board

Draughts Anyone?

I’ve even started a long piece showcasing a street where I live. No idea if this will come to anything but I’m fun with it. I’ll keep you posted.

Victoria Crescent, Cullercoats

I think all in all I’m feeling sorry myself and just need to get myself out of this funk. I have signed up for Alice Sheridan’s Soul Smile challenge so fingers crossed it will be the boost of inspiration I need.

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  1. Hi sorry not been to visit you lately as I shut my blog down but I still get your feed in my emails, I know what it’s like to have a create slump, seems like it’s all that’s going on around you is probably the cause, as things start to straighten out I’m sure it will improve. I love your draughts paintings they are fun and the long street painting looks great too… Hope you can get going again, I would say go with how you feel as you can’t force it, nothing goes right if you do…
    Keep well
    From ChatelaineCreations

    • Thanks Elaine.
      I’m actually feeling more comfortable with it now and you’re right I’m sure it is just because of everything that’s going on. but I will be pleased when this passes.

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