Brrrr – It’s April!

Well, despite the freezing cold weather there does seem to be a lot more optimism around at the moment.  Who would have thought that we’d be so excited about meeting people outdoors in April! 

I just hope the news coverage of the AstraZeneca vaccine doesn’t put people off having the jab.  I had mine a couple of weeks ago and my husband had his first at the weekend.  We both had the AZ vaccine and other than a few groggy days no major side effects.  It finally feels like life may get back to normal soon!

Memories of Cuba

I’m sure like me you’re desperate for an overseas holiday.  We moved house in 2019 so didn’t take a holiday, assuming we’d get away to a tropic climate in 2020 but alas not.  A few weeks ago I was flicking through photos on my phone and found a load I’d taken in Cuba.  It was a strange holiday! 

I’d always wanted to visit Havana: with such a rich and interesting history, it definitely didn’t disappoint.  Visually it was everything I wanted and much more.  Beautiful, decaying architecture on an amazing scale.  I took so many shots of peeling concrete and stunning ironwork so thoughts I’d try to recapture the feel of the place in a couple of paintings. 

The city must have been amazing in its heyday and it is quite sad seeing just how run down it is.  Some of the buildings looked like they should have been condemned and then you spotted washing hanging and realised that people were still living there. 

If you haven’t been its definitely one to put on the bucket list but I’d recommend Havana and then an island hop for a beach break.  The beach hotel was very nice but the service doesn’t really compare with other destinations.

Creative Visionary Programme

We’re now in week 6 of CVP and things are getting interesting and tougher.  Week 5’s exercise was working with a limited palette and pushing on with loud and quiet conversations.  My boards were ok but a real struggle. 

On the first I did manage to create some interesting textures but the value contrasts were somewhat muddled.

The second was better.

Already there are so many useful learnings that I know will stay with me after the course – working in multiples; having a throwaway board and loud and quiet conversations, to name just a few. 

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