March Abstract Life

Well we’re almost at the end March and days are feeling lighter and longer.  A fact I’m pleased about as we start week 4 of the Creative Visionary Program (CVP) the homework commitment is ramping up so I need plenty of energy to keep on top of things.

What I have Been Working On

Over the past couple of weeks I have been playing and experimenting.  A couple of paintings emerged from that exploration that are quite different.  They are like imagined landscapes with quite an unusual colour palette.  I’m not 100% sure about them just yet so they will reside in my studio for a few months while I reflect. 

The first which I haven’t yet named feels futuristic and somehow old.  Maybe a bit of the 1950s/60s shapes creeping in.

The second which I’m naming ‘Another Time, Another Place’ also has that weird futuristic/historical vibe.

Sketchbook Play

I have also returned to my sketchbook this month.  CVP reminded me of the need to look within, and sketchbook play seems to be where I am most successful with that.  There is something about the ‘free from pressure’ play that you get with a sketchbook that captures immediacy and energy.  It is also something you can do when time is limited which is perfect for me.

I’m planning to keep this up and complete a little sketchbook of fragment pieces like these over the next few months whilst I focus on CVP.  I love the fact that I create these without really thinking and there is something quite powerful in that.  It feels more ‘real’, more ‘me’.  So this seems to be emerging as a little trail of breadcrumbs that I need to follow.

There also seems to be a bit of clue in the medium itself.  I find that when I work on paper I’m looser and a bit more carefree so I need to explore what papers are available that would give me the quality feel that I want in finished pieces.  It’s not a consideration when working on canvases or board but with paper I need to do a bit of shopping and experimenting.

This week I shall be preparing for my first art fair which is taking place in Alnmouth, Northumberland on Saturday. I’m both excited and utterly terrified which feels like a positive place to be.

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