Mixing Things Up

Firstly I’d like to thank everyone who messaged me about the #oneofmanypostcard initiative.  I have now packaged up and posted out all 9.  It was a very fair selection – names on scrunched up paper were picked randomly out of a bowl and I’ve had a few lovely messages on Instagram from people who have received their cards.  I just wish I had created a few more, I wasn’t sure how much interest I’d get so was quite overwhelmed by the response.

Making a Change

Last week I decided to try something different with my painting and was struggling a bit with where to start.  I thought I’d try starting in a different place rather than trying to visualise the finished painting. Instead of applying white gesso to the paper I started out with a coating of black acrylic paint. Not the most radical of changes, but it is amazing how odd it is to break with your usual routine.  It throws you off guard and definitely makes you think a lot more.

A Different Starting Point

Staying Positive

Talking to people this week it seems the January Blues have really kicked in.  The news reports showing overworked NHS staff are heart breaking, especially when you still have nutters claiming COVID is a hoax. The flooding that seems to have hit big chunks of the country at a time when people are really struggling, just makes things so much worse. 

But there are also some big positives we need to remind ourselves about. A new administration in the US and finally a woman in office. Infection rates here in the UK dropping – even if the death toll isn’t. And, finally, a very personal one, life has slowed down giving us the opportunity to really appreciate what we have.  So as a sign off from me some snaps of the stunning sunrises I’ve taken recently.

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Let me introduce myself, my name is Nic and I love to spend my free time drawing, painting, sewing, knitting, in fact trying anything that lets me experiment and explore my creativity. My love of all things arty started when I was a child, my dad was a printer so there was always lots of paper in the house and things took off from there. I stopped drawing when I went to university and didn’t feel I had time when my career took over but rediscovered my love of all things creative about 5 years ago and I haven’t looked back. Since then I’ve taken life drawing classes and started painting again and then a couple of years ago I took an evening class in pottery. This re-sparked my passion for trying new things. My husband and I set Rag Tag Magpie up to share ideas and inspiration with like minded souls. Our mission is to get people to do something that makes them happy. THIS BLOG IS FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT SOME INSPIRATION AND TO BE PART OF A COMMUNITY OF CREATIVES – AFTER ALL A CREATIVE MESS IS BETTER THAN IDLE TIDINESS!

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