Out of Boredom Comes Creativity

So pleased to see Grayson’s Art Club back on TV.  I was chatting with my parents at the weekend about a recent auction of Tony Hart’s work. It made me think broadcasters have missed an opportunity for some great TV – bring back a Tony Hart type programme!  We had Art Attack but it just didn’t really match the quality of the late, great Tony Hart.  I, like many others, tried and failed several times to get a picture into the gallery.  I even have one of his books which I picked up in a second hand book shop recently.

Art on TV

We probably have more art on TV for adults than ever before. Popular series like Landscape Artist of the Year, Portrait Artist of the Year, Grayson’s Art Club. Great one offs from the BBC covering exhibitions like the RAs summer exhibition with Kirsty Wark, Tracey Emin, etc. Some superb shows from James Fox.  I’d always welcome more, but it feels there are two gaps. Where are the art for children programmes? What about something with more of a teaching approach?   The fact Bob Ross’ “The Joy of Painting” is being re-run is surely evidence that we need more.  It feels some time since The BBC painting contest programme managed to integrate this well with tutors assigned to contestants,

I loved the quote from Philippa Perry – “Out of boredom comes creativity”. The number of posts in my Instagram feed from participants in #the100dayproject suggests everyone is feeling the need not only to create but also to be part of something bigger.  A sense of belonging and shared experience is definitely something I crave.  I’m going to concentrate on CVP in February this year. But definitely one for the plan in 2022.

The Great Big Art Exhibition

I spotted an article last week on Antony Gormley encouraging everyone to take part in the UK’s biggest art exhibition. (Well – one of my cousins sent it to me). If you’re interested you can download an activity pack from FirstSiteThe Great Big Art Exhibition, which was launched by Gormley, is intended to unify and celebrate the UK’s creativity. Famous names in British art will choose a theme every two weeks. Then, participants (i.e. us) will showcases their creations in their windows or gardens.  The suggested theme of animals doesn’t appeal to me – but that’s just for the first two weeks. I’m going to keep an eye on this one and will, at some point, take part. The idea is to create a magical patchwork of creativity right across the UK.

Work in Progress

I’ve been struggling recently with a painting that I started a few weeks ago.  It is at a very ugly stage so no photos just yet.  Inspired by a picture I took of the harbour wall, I made the mistake of sketching out the composition. For some reason, starting with the end in mind never seems to work for me.  I need a ‘just let rip and build up layers’ stage at the beginning before bringing it back.  More successfully, I finished a smaller piece that had been lying, discarded for a few weeks, on the studio floor.

I wanted to create a painting where the predominant colours were red and pink. I tend to shy away from these colours – I think its because its pure colour. And also a little paint sketch of the Angel of the North.

So, all in all, a pretty good week!

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