Studio Progress

Just a short update this week – my day job is still keeping me very busy which doesn’t leave much time for painting but I did finally get round to finishing four paintings that have been propped up against my studio wall for weeks. 

They are four 30cm square paintings on wooden board and all created with a very muted palette reflecting the subject matter.  I haven’t quite got round to popping them on my website but thought I’d share anyway. 

Inspired By Nature

They started out as very loose sketchbook sketches that I did in the summer months whilst sitting on the beach.  I had no idea whether I was going to use them as the basis for any paintings but enjoyed doodling the shapes and textures of some peddles and the lines in the sand.  It was only a few weeks later when I had a Sunday morning free that I thought I’d see whether or not they would work as the basis of a painting. 

I like the basic compositions – they are really simple and reflect a sense of connection with nature but seem to work aesthetically as well.  I hope I’ve managed to capture the sense of calmness that I felt whilst sitting there, focusing my attention and thoughts on something as simple as stones.  Something I think we all crave at the moment!

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