Art Workshops

It has been several years since I had the pleasure of attending an in-person art workshop.  I had booked a workshop during that weird time post lockdown where COVID was still high. As a result events were cancelling and postponing. When the invite popped up in my diary for ‘Atmospheric Landscapes’ it was a lovely surprise!

So last weekend I was feeling a mixture of excitement and trepidation.  What if I couldn’t do it?  What if everyone was brilliant and I was rubbish?  The usual sorts of self-doubt.  Not helped by turning up at the venue a day early due to a diary mix up but of course it was fantastic!

Atmospheric Landscapes

The class, hosted at The Biscuit Factory art gallery, was led by artist Paula Dunn who made everyone feel incredibly welcome. She took the time to explain and demonstrate the products and techniques.  And having viewed some of her work at the gallery and on her website she is clearly a master of this!

I’ve always wanted to try oil and cold wax but never got round to it so it was a perfect way to try this out without investing in a load of new art supplies.

What I love about Art Workshops
  1. I learn something new.  Even if they are covering art techniques I regularly use I always pick up new ideas or approaches. 
  2. Opportunity to learn from a professional. I’m a sucker for YouTube artist videos. But they really don’t stack up against physically having someone show you how to do things.  And having the opportunity to ask questions, get them to review your work, etc is priceless
  3. I leave with a finished piece.  It might just be a diddy piece of paper but there is something so satisfying about leaving a session with pieces you have created
  4. Efficient with Time.  If you have a day job, as I do, finding time for art can be a challenge.  With workshops you make a commitment. You pay your cash and pop it in your diary and make sure that diary is free to really focus on the task at hand.
  5. Mindfulness. It’s good for my state of mind to be completely focused on one thing, rather than my usual juggling
  6. Build connections with like-minded people. Ok I may not have left with everyone’s phone number. But I did make a few extra IG connections. And as Newcastle isn’t a big place, hopefully I may bump into the other attendees at art fairs or future workshops.
Finished pieces

So if you haven’t already, why not check to see if there are any workshops at venues near you that grab your attention!

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