Learning Something New

Still working on my #the100dayproject, #100daysofcreativeplay and as I headed into days 21 – 30 I decided to change direction.  The first 20 days of the challenge I focused on creating small quick pieces without thinking too much about the decisions I needed to make.  At first using recycled cardboard and then moving into my sketchbook.  My goal was to stop myself worrying too much about how the finished piece would look and focus instead on enjoying the process.  But for the next 10 days my creative play will be using materials and techniques I’ve never used before – lino cut.

Lino Printing

I bought myself a starter kit from Cass Art about 2 years ago, if not longer.  I was living in Leamington Spa at the time and walking to the station in Birmingham city centre to catch a train home.  The slightly longer walk to Moor Street had the advantage not only of a bit more exercise, but also it meant I could have a quick browse in Cass.  I think the kit caught my eye as I’d watched an artist on TV using lino. It was in one of the Sky Landscape or Portrait Artists of the Year programmes so thought what the hell!

It has however, sat in a drawer in the studio since then so longer overdue.

Starting Slowly

Day 1 I kept it really simple, spending most of the time trying out the different blades. But eventually I dived in and created a simple circular pattern. I thought it would work for decorating wrapping paper or creating collage paper and it worked out pretty well.

Day 3, 4 and 5 were a bit of step backwards. I tried out the harder substrate which definitely isn’t as easy to work with as the soft cut material.  I did however managed two designs. A logo I created from my name and a simple floral image. Neither of which really excited me.

Since then I’ve created a few others. A linear pattern which I really like. I also tried the cut out with acrylic paint. I thought it would make for some interesting textured patterns in some of the early stages of a painting. Not a huge success as the paint doesn’t give a smooth covering like the ink but I’ll definitely try it again on some paintings.

I also started some simple picture images. Cutlery, the angel of the north and then a stone like image. 

Overall I loved the last 10 days!  I thought it would take a lot longer to get used to working with lino, but I found it surprisingly easy. It does however take quite a bit of time so haven’t quite managed an image a day.  I’m not sure now whether to keep going with the linocuts or take a bit of break and return to some quick paintings – a decision for later this afternoon.

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  1. They came out lovely, Ive found the easy cut is the way to go. I’ve tried the hard stuff but it’s not so easy on the hands. You can use erasers too for small things like simple flowers or something like that. I get the steadler ones, they are quite quick to do.

    Just thought you may be interested…. Love your circle one. ❤️😁

    Elaine xx

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