Where have all the old posts from Rag Tag Magpie Gone?

It was a difficult decision to change the focus of my website from my old arts and crafts site, where I posted every day for over three years. As you can imagine that was a lot of work and I loved the results. Judging from the lovely comments I received and the followers I built up, many of you did too. However, after much thought, I decided I wanted to do something different – and the result is the site you’re on now. You can view a lot of sketches in the Sketchbook section of the website and I will continue to add to these.  There won’t be as many blog posts on this version of the site as there used to be but I will update and add new posts as and when I see something that interests me. I’ll also be doing much more on my social media channels and including some of the types of ‘interest pieces’ I used to post on Rag Tag Magpie. So, make sure you follow me on Instagram ) Pinterest and Facebook to see what’s interesting me in the art world at any given time! 

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