Creativity of a Different Kind

So this week I switched my paint brushes for a different type of creative expression – PowerPoint!  Yes that’s right it is possible to create using business packages. As I’m not a designer, I’m not familiar, or have access to, the usual creative suite of tools.  So, when asked by my husband to create a map I used the only programme I am familiar with.

Bay Tales

The Original Bay Tales logo

I did at first consider collage but that kicked up the issue of copyright so opted instead to create this in PowerPoint.  It was a bit tricky and I certainly under estimated the amount of time it would take but it definitely kept me busy in the evenings.

Testing, Testing, Testing

The first thing I did was to test out if it would work by creating some little icons of the various landmarks around the town.  Surprisingly for a small seaside town Whitley Bay has a lot of quite iconic buildings.  Most of these were created using simple shapes which I wasn’t sure would work but they give the map a certain style which looked ok.  

Once I knew that would work I then had to draw the map creating the basic outline of the coastline and then marking out each road.  Placing the buildings on the map was stage 2, and then the final stage was to add a few little additions such as parking signs, fishing boats, etc.  

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