I’ve just finished my first journal – not a diary as such.  I’ve never been one for writing a diary.  But after watching the Life2Art immersion I thought I’d make an effort and try journaling.  In the past the only journals I’ve created have been visual ones – grid journals and sketchbooks.  This is the first time I’ve really pushed myself to capture things in written form. On reflection it’s been a useful tool so I have started a new one today.

First thoughts – some bits were incredibly useful and I’ve carried over to my next journal. 

The Useful Bits

Creative Pages: I didn’t think I’d enjoy these.  I use a sketchbook regularly so wasn’t quite sure how I’d feel painting in my journal.  But it is a prompt to do something each day.  And I enjoyed having a place to paste in posters/flyers from theatre performances or exhibitions I have visited.

Films and TV pages: Why is it that the streaming channels always seem to release really interesting programmes at the same time?  We can go months with nothing that catches my eye then four will drop.  I found this journal page really useful to jot down the ones I want to watch so I can remember what channel they’re on and as I always forget what we have watched keeping lists is a useful reminder.

Goals: there is something powerful about writing down a goal.  I often have ideas swimming around in my head but actually putting them on paper helps make sure I do something about it.  My goals pages are a real mixture of general life things and some very specific to my art practice

The ‘Things to do’ pages: I like a list and having it all in one place saves searching out various post in notes and loose pages

Daily logs: this is a mixed one some days I’m inspired to write lots or have lists of things I know I have planned on that day.  Other days I may only have a couple of bullet points and a few others I sipped completely.  So, whilst I am going to continue with the daily logs I may not devote a full page to each day.

The overview of blogs and newsletters: I’m not great at planning these so rather than a plan it’s a good reminder when I’ve missed a month

Open Call Calendar: so often I’ll see a prompt for a deadline too late to create and submit anything so I’m hoping this will help me be a bit more prepared

Pages I’m Unsure About

Artist Manifesto: I have to admit this remains blank in my old journal but I need to push myself here-

An ideas page: I still prefer the freedom of my sketchbook to explore compositions, colour combinations, etc.  What was useful was having my journal easily at hand to capture written notes so I’m going to set aside a page in the new journal for that but keep drawings in my sketchbook

Monthly Log: This won’t be appearing in my new journal.  The future log is sufficient to capture the information I know in advance such as gallery drop off days, etc.

For my new journal I’ve also traded up and got a bulletin journal with good quality paper.  So I should find it a bit easier to paint on creative pages.  And it feels like more of an investment.

If you journal and have any suggestions for pages or collections you find really useful drop me a message.  I’m always looking for ways to improve my life organisation.

That’s all from me.  I’m heading off now to my first gig in months – Sam Fender at St. James Park!

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