Where the Sea Comes In

The North East coastline is beautiful, amazing beaches and stretches of rocks, worn smooth by the sea.  One of my daily walks takes a lesser known pathway around Browns Point into the Bay. The rock formations are relatively flat which makes it easy to scramble across with a great view of the North Sea so plenty of inspiration.  It amazes me how much a familiar walk can change day to day based on whether the tide is in or out and flat or crashing against the rocks casting a foamy white spray.

I love the textures and colours set deep into the stone and this inspired me to create a collection of paintings. Those painted in the summer months are lighter in colour, others much darker and richer tones conveying earthy browns – the rocks left dry as the tide ebbs away.  Others blues and turquoise as the water covers the rocks and you could just about see the structure of the rocks beneath the sea.

I wanted to convey a sense of the mark making floating free from the structural form of the rocks – separating the solid, surface texture from the actual shapes of the rocks.

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WATER'S EDGE 25cm sq, 2cm depth 9.8” sq wood art panel. Mixed media on wood art panel with 2cm pink edges. £195
WATER’S EDGE 25 cm sq, . £155
SPELLBOUND: 8” square, £130 SOLD
Skimming: 25cm sq, 2cm depth 9.8” sq wood art panel. Mixed media on wood art panel with 2cm pink edges. £195
SKIMMING: 25 cm sq, £195
TWO SOULS 8″ square. £130 SOLD

BAY MOSAIC. Image in mount 7¾ x 11¼ £155
TIDE POOLS. Image in mount 7¾ x 11¼ £155
WINDOW INTO THE UNDERWORLD Image in mount 11¾ x 17 ½” £195
ROCK POOLS 7½ x 9¾” £65
WATER WASHED. In mount 7¾ sq. £75
Pockets of the Sea. 30 cm squared. Mixed media on wooden board. £210
POCKETS OF THE SEA 30 cm squared. £175
Splashing Around 6½ x 15” £110
COOL DEPTHS 12 x 16″ £275

All of the pieces are mixed media – I work with acrylics, charcoal, chalks, sometimes ink and collage. The textures are built up over time with multiple layers to give texture and depth to the paintings. Some of the works were created on paper, others wooden boards, wood art panels or canvas boards – the sizes and materials are detailed beneath each image