To the Sea

In the collection To the Sea I explore images of the North Sea devoid of geographical constructs. 

Through mark making and paint I want to capture the energy and the rhythm of the water – some days perfectly calm with a gentle swell emitting a salty perfume in the air, on other days unleashing tempestuous waves, unforgiving and relentless as they pound into the harbour walls, releasing a foamy white spray high into the air.

The water pulsates with life and throws up infinite patterns and colours to be admired and feared.

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TEMPEST I: In mount 7¾” sq £85
TEMPEST II: In mount 7¾” sq £85
STORM BLAST I: 8¾ x 9” in mount. £125
STORM BLAST II: 8¾ x 9” in mount. £125
NO HOPE OF ESCAPE. 9 x 13” £120