Giant Wire Heart

Picking up the valentine’s theme here’s a great idea for creating an inexpensive piece of art for the garden this giant heart costs about £7 to make. All you need to get started is some garden wire, thin craft wire and some clippers and ideally wire curler/tweezers. You start by forming the basic shape in garden wire – be careful this stuff scratches your hands … Continue reading Giant Wire Heart

Make Napkin Holders

I found another little project to make with wire knitting – napkin holders.  Perfect to add a bit of sparkle to your Christmas table or as a homemade gift for friends or family. Technique wise you follow the same method as the one used for make bracelets only instead of creating clasps you sew the edges together to give you a circular shape. Just in … Continue reading Make Napkin Holders

Make a Decorative Wire Heart

These wire and bead hearts make great christmas decorations but are also sweet little gifts for children to make for newlyweds. They’re really easy to make.  You start by creating a basic heart shape by tying wire. Once you’re happy with the shape using a thinner wire wrap wire in a non uniform way around the heart, threading small beads onto the wire You keep … Continue reading Make a Decorative Wire Heart