Make a Decorative Wire Heart

These wire and bead hearts make great christmas decorations but are also sweet little gifts for children to make for newlyweds. They’re really easy to make.  You start by creating a basic heart shape by tying wire. Once you’re happy with the shape using a thinner wire wrap wire in a non uniform way around the heart, threading small beads onto the wire You keep … Continue reading Make a Decorative Wire Heart

Wedding Photos with a Twist

Neither my husband or I like having our photograph taken so when it came to our wedding we opted for a different approach to the usual professional photographer. Instead we had a snaparazzi photo booth where all of our guests could have their photographs taken.  The booth produced two strips of photos so each of our guests could take a strip home and the second … Continue reading Wedding Photos with a Twist

Easy to make Paper Flowers

For our wedding I decided to make paper flowers as both centre pieces but also buttonholes. For the centrepueces I made a few different types of flowers but for the button hole I thought a paper rose looked the prettiest. To make paper roses you need some paper serviettes/napkins, paint (watercolour or acrylic), scissors, a pot of water and wire.  If you’re planning on making … Continue reading Easy to make Paper Flowers