A picture of a home made pencil case

Boho Pencil Case – Sewing Project

A little while ago I was sorting out my art stuff and trying to tidy up the over spill that seems to have crept into every room in the house when I realised just how many different pencil cases I have, in part because I buy too many art supplies (I can’t walk past Cass Art without popping in) but also because pencil cases just … Continue reading Boho Pencil Case – Sewing Project

National Umbrella Day

10th February is apparently National Umbrella day, a day where we are supposed to recognise and celebrate the invention of the umbrella. As the weather at the moment  is pretty miserable and very wet I thought I’d theme my blog today around rain. To celebrate the occasion I thought I’d have a go at a bit of embroidery     And here’s a few facts … Continue reading National Umbrella Day

Make Some Christmas Coasters

As we head towards Christmas I thought I’d make some festive coasters for the table. They’re really simple to make. You start with two squares of fabric, I went for contrasting colours black and white.  Cut your design out of different coloured materials and assemble on one of the squares fixing in place with pins.  Once you’re happy with the design embroider onto your base … Continue reading Make Some Christmas Coasters

Sue Stone Textile Artist

One of the highlights of the Festival of Quilts was obviously Diana Harrison work but another was the work of textile artist Sue Stone. The exhibit is entitled “This is Me” and is a series of small portraits each around 27 by 35cm. Mixed media creations using a combination of fabrics, threads, wool, felt and acrylic paint. This is how the artist describes her work…… … Continue reading Sue Stone Textile Artist