Celebrating Giacometti Part 5

Ok so today is Giacometti’s birth day so an appropriate time to finish my figure. Your plaster figure should now be completely dry and sturdy. For this stage you will need some Plaster of Paris powder again you can get this in any good craft store.  Measure out some powder, you generally need about 1.5 powder for every part water although you should pour the … Continue reading Celebrating Giacometti Part 5

Celebrating Giacometti Part 4

Your figure should now be dry and quite sturdy to work with. To make the base for your figure to stand on take a box, punch holes in the top and feed the wire attached to the feet through the holes.  Fill the box with something heavy to add weight as this will balance the figure when complete.  I used some broken terracotta pieces from … Continue reading Celebrating Giacometti Part 4

Celebrating Giacometti Part 3

Now for the messy bit. I started with plaster bandage as it is easy to fix to the foil than the paste.  You can buy this at any craft store.  I’d suggest covering your work surface with plastic as it is messy even before you start using water.  Cut the bandage into manageable strips when dry and fill a pot with some water.   Dip … Continue reading Celebrating Giacometti Part 3

Celebrating Giacometti Part 2

I started with a wire base which is exactly the same technique that I used when I created the wire figures earlier this year – Click here. You start by molding a basic stick man shape from wire, I used the thicker garden wire for this as it gives a sturdy base to start from. Next taking some chicken wire build out the slightly thicker … Continue reading Celebrating Giacometti Part 2

Celebrating Giacometti Part 1

The 10th of October will mark the birth day of Alberto Giacometti.  A Swiss artist and sculptor I was lucky enough to catch his exhibition at the Tate Modern earlier this year. His elongated, simplified figure sculptures are beautiful and whilst there’s no chance of captivating the charm of his work I thought I’d give it a go in recreating one.  So, over the next … Continue reading Celebrating Giacometti Part 1