Paper Flowers

Today is apparently wear a flower day – a chance to spread a little floral cheer to combat the doom and gloom. The celebration seems to have been introduced by the North of England Horticultural Society (NEHS) to coincide with the launch of the new Harrogate Flower Show spring exhibition HortCouture.  I’m sure they intended this to focus on actual flowers but I thought I’d … Continue reading Paper Flowers

Easy to make Paper Flowers

For our wedding I decided to make paper flowers as both centre pieces but also buttonholes. For the centrepueces I made a few different types of flowers but for the button hole I thought a paper rose looked the prettiest. To make paper roses you need some paper serviettes/napkins, paint (watercolour or acrylic), scissors, a pot of water and wire.  If you’re planning on making … Continue reading Easy to make Paper Flowers

Paper Flower Wreath

When we were planning our wedding we chose a literature theme in part because my husband works in publishing but generally because we’ve both avoid readers and the theme opened up so many ideas for decorations, table centre pieces and gifts. One of the simple decorations I made were a number of paper flower heart shaped wreaths which we hung around the rooms to add … Continue reading Paper Flower Wreath