Don’t Step on a Bee Day

Founded by Thomas and Ruth Roy the national day was designed to draw attention to the importance of bees in our eco system and to the dangers they currently face. They encourage people to plant herbs and flowers that attract bees, reduce the use of harmful pesticides and generally think about creating bee friendly gardens – So to honour the day in a craft … Continue reading Don’t Step on a Bee Day

Create an Easter Bunny

Easter is a great time to get crafty and with school holidays and children at home you often need a few little projects to keep them busy.  Making some little Easter decorations is a great craft project to do with children and in true Blue Peter style, why not create some Easter bunnies using empty toilet roll tubes and coloured paper. You Will Need Empty toilet … Continue reading Create an Easter Bunny

Easy Easter Cards Part 2

Create a colourful yarn card as an alternative Easter card using the same basic design template.  This design uses coloured wool or yarn and is a great craft project to do with children You Will Need Scissors Blank card Double sided tape Multiple coloured wool/yarn Scissors or a scalpel Black pen How to Make Draw your template on the front of the blank card and … Continue reading Easy Easter Cards Part 2