Day 1, 30 Day Collage Challenge

So, with COVID-19 dominating the news and all of our lives at the moment I find myself with a lot more time at home which is actually rather nice.  However, I’ve been struggling to get into my art so I decided it was time for a new art challenge but this time thought I’d just do 30 days. I actually decided I wanted to do … Continue reading Day 1, 30 Day Collage Challenge

Stay at Home and Craft Part 1

With everyone pretty much on lock down other than a daily burst of exercise and Easter just around the corner thought I’d share some craft projects that could keep you entertained for a few hours. Separated from loved ones?  Why not brighten someone’s day with a handmade Easter Card.  Over the past few years I’ve created a range of cards from the simple ones you … Continue reading Stay at Home and Craft Part 1

Playing with Paper Mache

So with the spare room finished the only missing piece was something to stand in the fireplace as it’s not going to be used. I started with a very basic plan. I needed something quite large to hide some bricks that show on the side so thought I’d turn this into a project.  Not sure what it’ll end up looking like so could end up … Continue reading Playing with Paper Mache

Marbling and Book Binding Workshop

So having moved back up to the North East I realised that my usual go to’s for workshops and general art play aren’t that accessible any more so thought I’d check out what is available so a couple of weeks ago I signed up for a half day workshop at The Biscuit Factory.  The session was focused on marbling and some basic book binding. The … Continue reading Marbling and Book Binding Workshop


Christmas Decorations

Another recycled post for Christmas decorations – next year I will be organised enough to create something new. Today some paper cutting decorations – sorry about the quality of the photographs, I think I must have taken them at night so the light is a bit a rubbish. I got the idea for the papercut houses from a magazine article about a ceramicist who had … Continue reading Christmas Decorations