Easter Present

My favourite Easter present from last year wasn’t a chocolate creation – it was a gift made by my youngest nephew a bunny fridge magnet. You can buy the magnetic paper sheets from most craft type stores or Amazon have a good range, including those that you can run through your inkjet printer at home. Its a great idea to make very personalised gifts and … Continue reading Easter Present

Heart Shaped Key Ring

Create a Heart Keyring

As valentine’s is tomorrow here’s an idea for a valentine’s gift or just a gift in general is a handmade key ring. All you need are some scraps of material and a metal ring which you can usually pick up from a craft store relatively cheaply in packs. Start by cutting your material to size. Then sew – either by machine or hand and you’re … Continue reading Create a Heart Keyring

Jack Skeleton Rag Tag

A few weeks ago I received a rather random message from my youngest nephew.  He’d been playing a colouring game on the ipad and the game had a character in which he really liked and he messaged asking if I’d make him a soft toy of the character.  The picture he sent looked more like a character from Minecraft but was at least recognisable as … Continue reading Jack Skeleton Rag Tag

HANDMADE GIFT: Easy to Make Wrap Bracelets

If you’re struggling for ideas for some inexpensive gifts for friends this christmas why not make them something.  Not only will it save you some money but they’re fun to make and giving something homemade is a great way to show someone how much you care. Earlier this year I tried my hand at making some wrap bracelets which are really easy to make and … Continue reading HANDMADE GIFT: Easy to Make Wrap Bracelets

Make Napkin Holders

I found another little project to make with wire knitting – napkin holders.  Perfect to add a bit of sparkle to your Christmas table or as a homemade gift for friends or family. Technique wise you follow the same method as the one used for make bracelets only instead of creating clasps you sew the edges together to give you a circular shape. Just in … Continue reading Make Napkin Holders