Pirate Themed Party Game

I was trying to think of games for a pirate themed party and what better than a mini treasure hunt so if you want to create a game for a party or just entertain your own children on a rainy day here’s a download for treasure hunt clue cards. If you’re not familiar with the game start the group off with the first clue, e.g. Look … Continue reading Pirate Themed Party Game

Robot Card Game

Continuing the robot theme here’s a little game to play with kids – perfect for rainy days! Matching pairs is a  concentration memory game that gets children to  to spot and match identical card, the winner being the one with the most cards. There are 11 robot cards along with colourful background.  Just print out the download below and cut the cards to shape. Download … Continue reading Robot Card Game

Personalised Board Games

This is a great little craft project to do with children – create your own personalised board game. You can select any game, I opted for traditional snakes and ladders board and made one for my nephews using family photos of them and their parents. You start by marking up a board on some sturdy board – 100 squares. Next paint the board with colours … Continue reading Personalised Board Games