Happy Birthday John Cadbury

John Cadbury was born today in [12 August] 1801 and thanks to him we have lots of sugary treats as he was the founder of Cadburys Chocolate. A born and bred Brummie, Cadbury was a Quaker and because of that wasn’t allowed to go to university so turned his hand to business – something we’re all very grateful for.  So in honour I thought I’d take … Continue reading Happy Birthday John Cadbury


National Lollipop Day

I was struggling for some inspiration for today’s daily doodle so after a bit of googling found out it was National Lollipop day so thought I’d run with this as my theme and thought I’d go with a coloured pencil sketch. That got me intrigued in terms of the history of lollipops – apparently the concept dates back to the Middle Ages when nobility munched … Continue reading National Lollipop Day