Daily Doodle: St. Paul’s

Earlier in the year my husband and I treated ourselves to a weekend in London along with theatre, art exhibitions and a bit of shopping.  The hotel we booked was right next to St. Paul’s Cathedral so I took the opportunity to take a few photos and from that created a painting for my dad as one of his Christmas presents. Obviously I couldn’t share … Continue reading Daily Doodle: St. Paul’s

World National Nursery Rhyme Week

The event is open to people who have or works with children under the age of 7.   They challenge people to teach a different nursery rhyme each day for the full week and provide activity packs as support – http://www.musicbugs.co.uk/world-nursery-rhyme-week/ And this year they have selected one of my favourite rhymes – Bobby Shafto’s Gone to Sea   Bobby Shafto’s gone to sea, Silver buckles … Continue reading World National Nursery Rhyme Week