How to Create Paper Cut Christmas Cards

I tend to go for simple designs for my Christmas cards as I make them for everyone but I do also make slightly different designs for my immediate family so I loved the recent blog from Cass art that gives you step by step instructions on how to make stylish cards using a paper cut technique – Continue reading How to Create Paper Cut Christmas Cards

Easy to Make Christmas Cards

Ok finally got round to making this year’s Christmas cards and as we had 140 to create I went for quite a simple design. I started off by playing with coloured ink on wet paper to make some interesting abstract patterns.  I used this to make a box full of stars. I bought a load of plain white greetings cards and with a metallic sharpie … Continue reading Easy to Make Christmas Cards

Handmade Christmas Cards

I love getting handmade cards and especially at Christmas.  I’ve been making cards for family and friends for a few years now so thought I’d raid my card box for some of the designs I’ve used over the years….. I think I’ve actually made about 5 different Christmas tree designs but could only find a couple, I’ll look again over the weekend.  The green tree … Continue reading Handmade Christmas Cards