Isaac’s First Watercolours

I usually complete and scheduled a few weeks of my blog posts in advance so if I’m struggling on time or just don’t get a picture finished I always have something to post.  I generally do try to draw each day but with the shorter days in winter I usually leave the photographing of the sketches to the weekend so I can capitalise on the … Continue reading Isaac’s First Watercolours

Peter Pan Stage Right

Apparently on this date in (27th December) in 1904 Peter Plan was first performed as a play at the Duke of York theatre in London The stars of the play were Gerald du Maurier (father of the author Daphne du Maurier) as Captain Hook and Mr Darling and Nina Boucicault as Peter. The play was a success with London audiences so was taken across the … Continue reading Peter Pan Stage Right


We’re all familiar with the Disney story but I’m probably not alone in admitting that I’ve never read the original novel The Adventures of Pinocchio by the Italian writer Carlo Lorenzini.  Lorenzini born 24th November 1826 was an author and journalist, writing under the pen name Carlo Collodi Pinocchio who has become a much loved, iconic character of children’s fiction starts life as a wooden … Continue reading Pinocchio

Pirate Themed Party Game

I was trying to think of games for a pirate themed party and what better than a mini treasure hunt so if you want to create a game for a party or just entertain your own children on a rainy day here’s a download for treasure hunt clue cards. If you’re not familiar with the game start the group off with the first clue, e.g. Look … Continue reading Pirate Themed Party Game