Coney Island, Baby!

Fun fairs have always placed a part in the life of the Rag Tags- growing up in the North East close to Whitley Bay’s Spanish City, immortalized in Dire Straights ‘Tunnel of Love‘, visiting the annual Hoppings at Newcastle’s Town Moor, or working a summer job next door to Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach. So on a visit to New York a few years ago, having been to … Continue reading Coney Island, Baby!

Día de Muertos: Day of the Dead

Day of The Dead

Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos or sometimes known as Día de los Muertos)  is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout the country, but also in other countries around the world, in particular the US. It is a three day celebration of past families and friends, beginning on October 31st, and ending on November 2nd. On All Hallows Eve, children make an altar to invite … Continue reading Day of The Dead

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan…..

On this day in 1772 English poet, philosopher and theologian Samuel Taylor Coleridge was born.  I remember reading his famous poem Kubla Khan in English lessons at school and whilst I wasn’t a huge fan of the works of the other Romantic poets this one did stick with me….. Kubla Khan In Xanadu did Kubla Khan A stately pleasure-dome decree: Where Alph, the sacred river, … Continue reading In Xanadu did Kubla Khan…..

Pitman Painter – Oliver Kilbourn

Oliver Percival Kilbourn was a member of the inspirational group the Pitman Painters.  Born on this date in 1904, Kilbourn was a  British coal miner, painter, and founding member of the Ashington Group, otherwise known as the Pitman Painters. Widely considered to be the group’s best-known artist, Kilbourn used his experience of  working as a miner to depict images of the world around him. The … Continue reading Pitman Painter – Oliver Kilbourn

Emiliano di Cavalcanti

Emiliano Di Cavalcanti

Born on this day in 1897, Emiliano Augusto Cavalcanti de Albuquerque Melo, known as Di Cavalcanti, was a Brazilian artist responsible for creating distinctive art which conveys a dynamic, uniquely south African feel. Di Cavalcanti looked to produce a Brazilian art form which was free from any European influences, despite (or perhaps because of), the time he spent in Paris and Montparnasse where he met the likes … Continue reading Emiliano Di Cavalcanti