Emiliano di Cavalcanti

Emiliano Di Cavalcanti

Born on this day in 1897, Emiliano Augusto Cavalcanti de Albuquerque Melo, known as Di Cavalcanti, was a Brazilian artist responsible for creating distinctive art which conveys a dynamic, uniquely south African feel. Di Cavalcanti looked to produce a Brazilian art form which was free from any European influences, despite (or perhaps because of), the time he spent in Paris and Montparnasse where he met the likes … Continue reading Emiliano Di Cavalcanti


Rocky Horror Picture Show

On 15th August 1975 The Rocky Horror Picture Show had its UK Premiere The phrase ‘cult movie’ is over used, but if ever it was deserved it is 1975’s ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ based on the 1973 theatrical performance of the same name. Starring Tim Curry as the enigmatic Frank N Furter, as well as Susan Sarandon, Meatloaf, Barry Bostwick and co-writer Richard O’Brien, … Continue reading Rocky Horror Picture Show

Ned Flanders Leftorium Store from The Simpsons

International Left Handers’ Day

August 13th sees the 28th annual Left Handers Day aimed at celebrating with pride all things left-handed, and raising awareness for those southpaws who have to make their way in a world designed for right-handers. The website http://www.lefthandersday.com/ provides a range of articles, including advice for parents with left handed children, and a wide range of merchandise available including scissors, knives, pens, and notepads. (and … Continue reading International Left Handers’ Day

Edinburgh Festival

(Picture taken from http://outofhandscotland.co.uk/edinburgh-fringe/) The Edinburgh Festival, now in its’ 71st year is the biggest arts festival in the world. Last year the festival featured more than 50,000 performances of over 3,000 shows. It takes place in August and lasts over three weeks in…doh, Edinburgh. Originally established as a post war ‘flowering of the human spirit’ in 1947, the Festival has grown to introduce everything from … Continue reading Edinburgh Festival

Arthur Dove

Arthur Dove

Arthur Garfield Dove,  born on this date in 1880,  was an American artist. Born into a wealthy family in New York, Dove graduated from Cornell University in 1903 and went on to become a commercial illustrator for Harper’s Magazine and The Saturday Evening Post. In his early career, despite support from eminent members of the art community, Dove often had to work within farming and … Continue reading Arthur Dove

Degenerate Art

On This Day…. Degenerate Art Exhibition

Hitler’s revenge for rejection by the art world backfired big time. In 1937 the Degenerate Art Exhibition, organised by the Nazi party opened in Munich.  The idea behind the exhibition was to showcase modern art as a symptom of illness and evilness., staged in counterpoint to the Great German Art Exhibition. The day before the exhibition opened, Hitler gave a speech in which he declared a … Continue reading On This Day…. Degenerate Art Exhibition