Advent Calendars

I didn’t have to create any new advent calendars this year so thought I’d re-post some that I have created over the past few years. Probably my favourite – Advent Trees.  If you fancy creating some for yourself you can find the PDF download here. If you’re a fan of a nice cuppa why not create a Tea Advent Calendar – great for yourself or … Continue reading Advent Calendars

A Collection of Advent Calendars

I’ve made a couple of advent calendars this year but went for those created with free printable templates.  Looking through Pinterest here’s a few others that caught my eye – maybe a project for next Christmas. I loved this idea from mamas kram blogspot for creating an advent calendar from toilet roll tubes – simple, cheap and looks great –  If you fancy created … Continue reading A Collection of Advent Calendars


Another Easy to Make Advent Calendar

So following on from the Egyptian references in the blog yesterday and the picture of the pyramids here’s another set of pyramid shapes but this time to create an advent calendar. So if you don’t fancy a tea themed advent calendar and the black and white envelope version doesn’t work for you here’s an advent calendar that combines as a cute little Christmas decoration for … Continue reading Another Easy to Make Advent Calendar

Easy to Make Advent Calendar – FREE Printable

This advent calendar is easy to make and looks great – especially if you’re opting for a simplified colour scheme. Start by printing off the templates for the pockets Once you have all the pockets cut them out  and attach double sided tape to the flaps.  Before you peel the tape fold the pockets into shape.  Once scored peel the tape and make up the … Continue reading Easy to Make Advent Calendar – FREE Printable

Tea Advent Calendar – Free Printable

As we head towards the festive month it’s time to sort out advent calendars.  This year I’ve decided to make one to open at work as well as home so decided to create a Tea advent, perfect for that mid morning break. To make all you’ll need is a selection of different teas, paper, access to a printer, double sided tape, scissors and something to … Continue reading Tea Advent Calendar – Free Printable