Home made monster money boxes

Great Children’s Craft Idea – Make Your Own Money Box

I’m sure everyone made one of these when they were at school but with the children off school for summer holidays I thought it was a good reminder of a simple and extremely messy craft for rainy days. You start with a balloon – I made two so used different shape balloons to give a distinctive look to each when finished.  As you want the … Continue reading Great Children’s Craft Idea – Make Your Own Money Box

King Henry VIII

King Henry VIII

On this day in 1491 one of the most interesting (if not the most likeable) British monarchs was born – the man who in 1509 became King Henry the VIII. Famed for his six wives, religious division and obesity he must be one of the most written about and filmed. Everyone knows the little rhythm….”Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived” even if they don’t remember … Continue reading King Henry VIII

Paul Colin art

Artist Paul Colin

Born on this date in 1892, Paul Colin was a French artist and author, widely recognised as one of France’s greatest poster artists. He achieved fame when he created the poster for the 1925 Revue Negre which helped to launch the career of dancer Josephine Baker (who became his mistress), he worked for over forty years in the theatre, creating not only posters but also … Continue reading Artist Paul Colin