New Work

I have recently revisited a painting I completed during lockdown. This was painted at the height of COVID when we were confined to our homes and reflected my sense of containment. The painting wasn’t really working for me until I added some pops of colour which seem to have intensified the blues.

The painting is 60 x 60cm on wooden cradle board.

Lockdown – a contemporary reminder of the COVID containment

I have also continued working on my Beach Life series, inspired by the painting ‘Nemesis’ which sold last year at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. I have now finished a further 5 paintings in the series and have two to complete. Two of these, ‘Sandcastles and Games’ and ‘Between the Tides’ recently sold.

Six of the seven are 30 x 30 cm acrylic on wooden boards the other started out as a throw away board but is now one of my favourites so is an odd size at around 41 x 60cm. I will eventually get round to putting these into the ‘available work’ section but if you are interested just drop me an email or DM me on Instagram

My inspiration: The organic shapes and muted colours of the rocks surrounding the bay have such a textural feel – both a solid and yet fragile.

In complete contrast during summer when the beach is frequented by families you get these eye popping colours from man made materials. Wind breakers (a must on the North East coastline); beach towels, cool boxes and of course buckets and spades. It feels like such an odd juxtaposition yet makes complete sense as the two elements co-exist perfectly.

I want to convey the feeling of the beach and combine the bright, dynamic colours as well as some softer pastels, like ice cream with soothing biomorphic shapes. Quiet dotted tracks which you only see close up, symbolise the trails of footprints you get in the fresh sand after the beach has been cleaned.

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