In Land

This small collection of paintings (4 in total although I’m thinking of adding to it later in the year) were all created during the months of April and May 2020 when we were at the height of lockdown. 

Style wise they are a bit of a departure for me – much more colourful and bold than my usual style of painting.  When I created these images I wanted to convey a sense of hope and positivity – I started to notice flowers coming into bloom as we took our daily walk and it reminded me of the reliability of nature and the seasons.

The colours are bright and saturated intended to give the feel of a fresh spring day. When I painted the canvases I felt a pull towards creating a “pretty” picture in stark contrast to the difficulties of dealing with lockdown.  The idea of flowers in bloom and simplicity of a meadow scene felt like a great antidote to the messiness of actual life at the time.

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SPRING MEADOW II 15½ x 15½ £345

SPRING MEADOW III: 12 x 12” £235
SPRING MEADOW IV 12 x 12” £235