Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Next to Christmas and Easter this must be one of the most celebrated days with religious origins for people in the UK, Ireland, Australia and North America. Celebrations generally involve public parades, festivals and of course merriment and alcohol all of which take place on the 17th March which marks the death of the patron saint of Ireland.  So today is a time to paint … Continue reading Happy St. Patrick’s Day


March Calendars

Third month of 2020 – where has the time gone! So key dates in March – well today is time for a cuppa day; also tomorrow sees the start of National Pie Week, a great excuse to indulge in some pastry treats; 5th is World Book Day; 15th Red Nose Day and of course 17th a great excuse for some indulgence and the wearing of … Continue reading March Calendars


February Calendars

A kick and a punch and all that!  There are five designs to choose from, all with free downloadable PDFs below So what does February have in store – today is National Storytelling Week; 6th is Time to Talk Day;  25th is Shrove Tuesday and of course 14th is Valentines Day Downloadable PDFs There’s a design using my 100 day challenge character sketches – Portrait … Continue reading February Calendars


Happy Chinese New Year

So this year is apparently the year of the rat – the inspiration for today’s doodle. Here’s a few facts about Chinese New Year There is no set date for Chinese New Year: According to the Lunar calendar, the Spring Festival is on January 1st and lasts until the 15th (the full moon). Unlike western holidays such as Christmas or Thanksgiving , when you calculate … Continue reading Happy Chinese New Year

New Year, New Start

Happy New Year! 2019 was a good year but I’m really looking forward to 2020.  In the past 12 months my husband and I have celebrated some big birthdays, we sold our house and we moved over 200 miles up North so after several decades are back in the North East of England. So 2020 we’re looking forward to some walks on the beach, more … Continue reading New Year, New Start


2020 Calendar: On Trend Colours

For the last few years I have created a load of downloadable calendars, mainly because I still like to have a physical calendar in the house to catch arrangements my husband and I have made to meet with friends or as a reminder of friends and family birthdays so I thought I’d create a few different format designs for 2020. The first – probably one … Continue reading 2020 Calendar: On Trend Colours

February Calendars – Free Downloads

A kick and punch – it’s February!  So what do we have to look forward to – well here in the UK probably the continuation of freezing temperatures and an extra 10 minutes of defrosting the car in the morning but also Valentine’s Day (14th); Chinese New Year (5th); World Cancer Day (4th); Time to Talk Day (7th); National Pizza Day (9th); Random Act of … Continue reading February Calendars – Free Downloads