Illustrations for Children’s Stories

For Halloween last year my husband has wrote a couple of short stories for my nephews.  He asked each of them to write a list of themes they wanted included in the stories and from this created a little tale of horror.  The kids loved it so he decided to repeat it so I thought I’d create a cover for each tale. As all of … Continue reading Illustrations for Children’s Stories


Get Organised for 2020

As we say goodbye to the 2010s and start a new decade I’m sure a load of you have “be more organised” as one of your new year’s resolutions so here’s a round up on free 2020 calendars for you. All are available as downloadable PDFs just click on the links. downloads here – 2020 Calendar On Trend Colour version 1 and 2020 Calendar On Trend … Continue reading Get Organised for 2020


Christmas Decorations

Another recycled post for Christmas decorations – next year I will be organised enough to create something new. Today some paper cutting decorations – sorry about the quality of the photographs, I think I must have taken them at night so the light is a bit a rubbish. I got the idea for the papercut houses from a magazine article about a ceramicist who had … Continue reading Christmas Decorations


Christmas Angels

I posted these in 2017 but as I haven’t had much time to create new decorations this year and have a lot more followers now than I did two years ago I thought I’d re-post. I love Christmas and probably even more than the day itself I love the preparations from buying gifts, wrapping presents to decorating the house so taking time to create handmade … Continue reading Christmas Angels