Fish and Chips

Great British Fish and Chips Supper Day

Image taken from The National Fish n Chips awards take place on 18th May so it seemed only fitting to share the results on the Great British Fish and Chips Supper day- unfortunately we’re on holiday at the moment, so we’ll take a look at last year’s winners. Last year the contest involved over 10,000 outlets across the UK with the Awards’ top prize, … Continue reading Great British Fish and Chips Supper Day

Recipe Cards and Recipe Book – Free Printables

Following on from my previous  blog where I shared some free printables for a dinner party and invitation and place settings I’ve created a few more using the same simple black and white design, this time recipe cards and recipe book. Recipe Card Template – Recipe cards free download Recipe Book Template – Recipe Book Template Continue reading Recipe Cards and Recipe Book – Free Printables

Happy Halloween

Thought I’d do a round up of my recent Hallloween posts in case you missed any of them and also share some of favourites from other bloggers…… Recent Posts Favourites from other bloggers….. Makeup ideas from Good Housekeeping – Pop Sugar’s Cheap costume ideas for teens – Party games ideas from the Balance – and finally from the BBC some party food ideas –   … Continue reading Happy Halloween

Make an Easy Halloween Cake

If you’re looking for ideas for a really simple Halloween Cake, forget about fancy icing and trying to construct pumpkin shapes and why not just add a few little extras to your favourite bake? I love cooking but baking really isn’t my thing so I stuck with a simple chocolate and cola cake – guaranteed to be moist and decorated it with swirls of chocolate icing, … Continue reading Make an Easy Halloween Cake

Pumpkin Soup Recipe

With Halloween approaching I thought I’d share my pumpkin soup recipe to use up all the scraped out innards of everyone’s favourite orange squash. I’m afraid I’m not very exact on the quantities as we’ve made this so often I tend to be on auto pilot when preparing and quantities really depend on your taste preferences. To make you’ll need pumpkin or squash, a large … Continue reading Pumpkin Soup Recipe