Everyone Loves Ramen

A regular evening dish at our house, in part because my husband spent a year in Japan but mainly because we both love it! I can’t imagine there are many people who haven’t tried it but for the uninitiated Ramen is a Japanese broth (meat, fish or miso) packed full of flavour served with vegetables, noodles and if you like meat or prawns. I ended … Continue reading Everyone Loves Ramen

Homer’s Favourite Sweet Treat

Not one of my guilty pleasures but when a box of these lurid iced rings arrives in the office in celebration of someone’s birthday it always causes a bit of a commotion. Whilst they may not tempt my palette they do make great subjects for sketching and as this week is apparently National Doughnut Week what better excuse than to indulge (in sketching them that … Continue reading Homer’s Favourite Sweet Treat