There’s No Place Like Home

I can’t believe I missed this but back in January apparently there were a number of events including live performances to celebrate the 80th anniversary of one of my favourite childhood films – The Wizard of Oz.  It may have been because I was laid up most of month with eye problems so on a forced digital and screen detox and generally just not myself. … Continue reading There’s No Place Like Home

Universal Monsters Part 2- The Monsters

After part 1 which looked at the history of Universal and their Monsters movies, for a bit of fun we thought we’d count down our top five favorite Universal Monsters… So with no further ado…let the ‘count down’ begin (and excuse the bad Dracula pun…) The Mummy Released in 1932 and starring Boris Karloff in the titular role, The Mummy sees an archaeological expedition uncover the … Continue reading Universal Monsters Part 2- The Monsters

Halloween is coming!

Well, when we were children, Halloween meant carving out a turnip…(that’s a Northern thing and a lot harder than these new fangled Pumpkins…) Nowadays the American Trick or Treat has become a tradition here in the UK. Here at Ragtag Towers we tend to get more excited about our props than the visiting kids do…keep watching for some of our ideas for Halloween decorating but … Continue reading Halloween is coming!

Universal Monsters Part 1- The Movies

The Classic Monsters featured in more than 120 movies made by Universal Studios. After some early entries including the first ever Werewolf movies The Werewolf (1913) and The White Wolf a year later. It is generally agreed that the first true entry into the Universal Monster canon was in 1923 with The Hunchback of Notre Dame  starring Lon Chaney. Today, the horror movie is often seen … Continue reading Universal Monsters Part 1- The Movies

Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury

Ray Douglas Bradbury (and the Douglas was used in a lot of stories…) was born on August 22nd, 1920. Bradbury was a science fiction writer…but that’s to categorize him unfairly, and far too narrowly. Even to call him a fantasy, horror or mystery writer, is to do the man injustice. Quite simply he was an artist. Best known for novels like Fahrenheit 451, Something Wicked … Continue reading Ray Bradbury

Vertigo Hitchcock

Hitchcock’s Vertigo

Today marks the anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock‘s movie, Vertigo which premiered in the US on the 9 May 1958 – 60 years ago! Saul Bass is responsible for designing some of the most striking title sequences in film history, including Anatomy of a Murder, West Side Story, Spartacus, Ocean’s 11, as well as some of Alfred Hitchcock’s most memorable title sequences such as North By … Continue reading Hitchcock’s Vertigo