Christmas Card No.1: Holly Leaves

So I thought I’d start my week of handmade Christmas card designs with a design based on some simple papercutting.  I’ve kept it simple because if you’re like me you’ve probably fallen into the trap of creating a beautiful card idea only to find that once you’ve made 10 of them you’re cursing the fact that you selected something that takes ages to create and … Continue reading Christmas Card No.1: Holly Leaves

Advent Calendars

I didn’t have to create any new advent calendars this year so thought I’d re-post some that I have created over the past few years. Probably my favourite – Advent Trees.  If you fancy creating some for yourself you can find the PDF download here. If you’re a fan of a nice cuppa why not create a Tea Advent Calendar – great for yourself or … Continue reading Advent Calendars

Handmade Christmas Gift

This is a bit of recycled blog post as I originally posted this in February but I thought it might be an idea for a last minute Christmas gift or failing that a Christmas craft project to keep the children busy whilst they’re off school. Perfect for a family member or friend with young-ish children – why not create a personalised board game. You’ll find … Continue reading Handmade Christmas Gift