Christmas Decorations

Another recycled post for Christmas decorations – next year I will be organised enough to create something new. Today some paper cutting decorations – sorry about the quality of the photographs, I think I must have taken them at night so the light is a bit a rubbish. I got the idea for the papercut houses from a magazine article about a ceramicist who had … Continue reading Christmas Decorations

Nursery Rhyme November: Humpty Dumpty

I’ve drawn Humpty Dumpty before (previous post) but I couldn’t not cover this rhyme so it was a great excuse for another sketch – it has to be the best known and one of the most loved with the character appearing in other children’s books. The historians believe that this probably started out as a riddle but like many others it’s origins are a bit … Continue reading Nursery Rhyme November: Humpty Dumpty

Egg Decorating

With no young children in the house it always feels like you’re missing out a bit at Easter so this year I took advantage of an online competition to indulge in a bit of egg decorating.  The prize was tickets to Newcastle Noir so the theme was detectives. I went for the obvious choice of Hercules Poiret having failed at another obvious choice Sherlock Holmes … Continue reading Egg Decorating

Isaac’s First Watercolours

I usually complete and scheduled a few weeks of my blog posts in advance so if I’m struggling on time or just don’t get a picture finished I always have something to post.  I generally do try to draw each day but with the shorter days in winter I usually leave the photographing of the sketches to the weekend so I can capitalise on the … Continue reading Isaac’s First Watercolours