Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s day (a high point for florists and card sellers everywhere) so here’s a bit about the history of the day of love…… The earliest references I could find date back to ancient Rome where 13-15th February were celebrated as a pagan fertility festival called Lupercalia. This seems to be the origin for the celebration of love however traditions then  were somewhat different … Continue reading Valentine’s Day

National Umbrella Day

10th February is apparently National Umbrella day, a day where we are supposed to recognise and celebrate the invention of the umbrella. As the weather at the moment  is pretty miserable and very wet I thought I’d theme my blog today around rain. To celebrate the occasion I thought I’d have a go at a bit of embroidery     And here’s a few facts … Continue reading National Umbrella Day

Pompidou Centre, Paris

On this day in 1977 the Pompidou Centre opened in Paris.  Named after President Georges Pompidou who commissioned the building it is situated in the Beaubourg area, near Les Halles.  The structure is a high-tech design housing the Public Information Library, the largest museum of modern art in Europe and a centre for music research. The concept behind the plan was to create a multicultural … Continue reading Pompidou Centre, Paris

National Story Telling Week

National Story Telling Week has ran for 24 years promoting the historical art of oral story telling. Running between 27th January and 3rd February by the Society for Story Telling the week promotes the joy we’ve all felt, whether as children being told bedtime stories, or as any adult who still gets a thrill from hearing the words ‘Once upon a time…’ Whether in theatres, … Continue reading National Story Telling Week

Burns Night

Burns Night takes place every January 25th, celebrating the life of the Romantic poet and lyricist Robert Burns (or Rabbie Burns), Scotland’s national poet.  Born in Ayrshire in 1759 Burns most famous work is probably ‘Auld Lang Syne’,  the New Year Eve standard song. Burns Night is celebrated on Burns’ birthday, and its’ focal point is the Burns Supper, first held in 1802 and still … Continue reading Burns Night

Poet Jenny Joseph Died

Sadly Jenny Joseph died yesterday as I have previously posted her most famous poem “Warning” ( it seemed fitting to re- share, although as you’ll see if you read the BBC obituary the success of the poem wasn’t too popular with the poet herself. BBC article – WARNING When I am an old woman I shall wear purple With a red hat which doesn’t go, … Continue reading Poet Jenny Joseph Died