Aubrey Beardsley

Born on this day in 1872, Aubrey Vincent Beardsley, an English illustrator is a somewhat controversial character.  His drawing style using black ink was heavily influenced by japanese woodcuts from artists such as the famous Katsushika Hokusai.  But his focus on the grotesque and erotic made him a bit of guilty pleasure. The BBC recently released a documentary on iPlayer which is available here – … Continue reading Aubrey Beardsley

Love Portraits?

I recently picked up a great book at the Tate Modern on portraiture.  Unlike the usual “how to…” books this focuses less on techniques (although it does share examples on techniques) and more on experimenting with different types of portraiture. The author has developed the book off the back of an initiative she established called Portrait Party hosted on Flickr –  Where artists get together … Continue reading Love Portraits?