Day 1, 30 Day Collage Challenge

So, with COVID-19 dominating the news and all of our lives at the moment I find myself with a lot more time at home which is actually rather nice.  However, I’ve been struggling to get into my art so I decided it was time for a new art challenge but this time thought I’d just do 30 days. I actually decided I wanted to do … Continue reading Day 1, 30 Day Collage Challenge


April Calendars

Hope you haven’t fell for any April Fools gags this morning! So aside from the jokers delight what else is happening this month?  Well its the start of my next art challenge but this time just a 30 day one so much more manageable.  April also offers up some bank holidays with Easter breaks; the 22nd is National Stationery Day – a great excuse to … Continue reading April Calendars

Stay at Home and Craft Part 1

With everyone pretty much on lock down other than a daily burst of exercise and Easter just around the corner thought I’d share some craft projects that could keep you entertained for a few hours. Separated from loved ones?  Why not brighten someone’s day with a handmade Easter Card.  Over the past few years I’ve created a range of cards from the simple ones you … Continue reading Stay at Home and Craft Part 1