Ideas for Overcoming Creative Block

Generally my biggest challenge is finding time rather than overcoming creative blocks but I have noticed recently that when I do have some free time it is taking me a bit longer to decide on what to do and to get started.  This could be down to the fact that I’m switching between textiles and paper/canvas but for anyone out there I thought I’d share … Continue reading Ideas for Overcoming Creative Block

Happy St. Georges Day

Saint George’s Day, England’s national day remembers England’s patron saint. While the day was a holiday to be compared to Christmas back in the 15th century, over time it waned in popularity and by the 19th century had been relegated to a sometime mentioned affair. There has been something of resurgence in recent years, with campaigns to make the day a national holiday (always sounds … Continue reading Happy St. Georges Day

Robot Card Game

Continuing the robot theme here’s a little game to play with kids – perfect for rainy days! Matching pairs is a  concentration memory game that gets children to  to spot and match identical card, the winner being the one with the most cards. There are 11 robot cards along with colourful background.  Just print out the download below and cut the cards to shape. Download … Continue reading Robot Card Game