Creative Boost for 2023

Back in 2021 I completed CVP (Creative Visionary Program). It was one of those courses I’d looked at for a while but never taken the plunge.  In part, my reluctance was that for an online course it has a higher price tag than most. But the main reason was because of the time commitment.  CVPContinue reading “Creative Boost for 2023”

Hello 2023

First blog post of 2023.  A year full of hope and new possibilities. I hope you all had a restful break.  I had a whole week off work. Which meant time to see and catch up with family, and more time to paint.  Double bonus!  The tree was down and decorations packed away before NewContinue reading “Hello 2023”

Art on the Go

Now that I’m back to bi-monthly commuting for work, my studio time has taken a bit of a hit.  Especially when you combine that with the shorter days in the winter. Winter always makes early morning and evening sessions a bit of a challenge.  So, I have been playing around with ways that I canContinue reading “Art on the Go”

It’sssss Christmas! Well Almost

I love this time of year as we’re gearing up for Christmas.  I know many people get irritated when you start to hear Christmas tracks on the radio or in stores weeks ahead of the actual event but I love it!  If I could I’d put the tree up at the end of November toContinue reading “It’sssss Christmas! Well Almost”

Starting a New Series of Work

I’m feeling really excited about my art at the moment. And much of that excitement has to do with a new project I’m working on. After finishing my Beach Life series, I was in that frustrating phase of exploring lots of ideas. The exploration is a lot of fun!  But I was struggling to settleContinue reading “Starting a New Series of Work”

Art Workshops

It has been several years since I had the pleasure of attending an in-person art workshop.  I had booked a workshop during that weird time post lockdown where COVID was still high. As a result events were cancelling and postponing. When the invite popped up in my diary for ‘Atmospheric Landscapes’ it was a lovelyContinue reading “Art Workshops”

Summertime and the Living is Easy

It’s been a while since I posted a blog so apologises if you’re one of my followers.  Since starting my monthly newsletter programme I’m finding it a challenge to keep up with social media, blogs, newsletters and website updates.  Sadly my website and blog have missed out as a result.  But over the next fewContinue reading “Summertime and the Living is Easy”

Art Commissions

In April’s studio newsletter I talked about the fact that I had recently finished some commissions.  Selling a piece of your art is always such a buzz. But commissions are very different from selling something you have already created.  There is an element of risk that kicks in when you know you are creating artContinue reading “Art Commissions”

Timing is Everything

Its been quite a few months since I posted.  I have been painting regularly but have been devoting all my free time to the studio so haven’t written any blog updates.  As I am in the final stages of completing a mini series of works I thought I’d pause and take a few moments toContinue reading “Timing is Everything”

Well, hello 2022!

I hope you have all eaten well, enjoyed time with loved ones and generally had a break.  I had a whole week off work and feel so much better for the downtime.  The break also meant that I could get a few days in the studio which was a real bonus. New Year, New MeContinue reading “Well, hello 2022!”