Alice Themed Table Decorations

Another couple of ideas for an Alice themed  wedding or birthday party.  These are two to decorate the table. The first are simple name cards or place settings, using the a playing card design.  With the Mad hatters tea party such a central theme of the Alice books I decided to set each guest a tea cup and saucer. The second uses the same templates … Continue reading Alice Themed Table Decorations

Easy to Make Alice Table Runner

For our wedding I made some themed table runners so thought for the Alice party I’d do the same.  I wanted something that reflected the Alice theme but didn’t distract from the other bits and bobs I had made so opted for a playing cards runner. I drew some cards at larger than playing card size.  Mine were close to A6 size, basically four of … Continue reading Easy to Make Alice Table Runner

Make an Alice Themed Garland

So first crafty idea in my Alice series – an Alice themed Garland, perfect for decorating a room for a birthday or even a wedding. I went a bit overboard making this garland so it ended up being much longer than I needed, in fact I’ve ended up cutting it in half to create two separate strings. To make the garland you will need coloured … Continue reading Make an Alice Themed Garland

Make a Party Invite for an Alice Themed Party

If you’re planning on an Alice themed party here’s a simple idea for some themed invites. I started by typing up the text I wanted to use on a computer to help make sure that the spacing looked neat. I then copied the text by hand onto a piece of card. Once you have the text laid out you can start by adding the illustrations. … Continue reading Make a Party Invite for an Alice Themed Party