A Different View

Whilst the structure of the coastline doesn’t change significantly day-to-day the colours and atmosphere do.  At different times of the day the light creates a whole host of different palettes, switching from pastels to muted tones and even pops of saturated colour.

In this collection of paintings I have used a much bolder colour palette and created forms through the process of painting often by scratching into the surface of thick, textured paint.

Mark making allows me to blur the dividing lines between painting and drawing and captures the energy of the scenes around me.  I also use marks to capture the movement of the wind or sea, so within each image you have a mixture of representation of actual forms alongside images of the unseen, hopefully conveying a sense of the experience.

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A DAY AT THE SEASIDE. Image size 6¾ x 9” £75
ALL AT SEA: 7 x 9½” £85


BEACH HUT: 8½ x 11″ £145
IN THE DISTANCE. 7 x 9″ £80

BEACH LIFE In mount 11½ x 21½” £310
SYMPHONY IN YELLOW. 11¼ x 7¾” £135

The collection comprises paintings on paper, board and canvas.  All are mixed media using layers of acrylic paint built up over time, chalk, oil pastels and charcoal.  Sizes and medium are specified under each image.